Fun Slope

Location: Fiss / Schöngampbahn

Rider Level: easy

The Fun Slope is located at the north side of Fiss, parallel to the Plazörabfahrt Slope, and offers a great alternative to an ordinary downhill run. Small jumps, waves, boxes as well as a tunnel and a fun twister made out of snow are awaiting you here. Thanks to the special high five and low five obstacles, you can “shake” hands during your run. 
The Fun Slope leads to the Snowpark Fiss. Finish your run with a cool jump into the Airbag! You can reach the Fun Slope by taking the two gondolas Schönjochbahn I and Schönjochbahn II. You want to run the Fun Slope as many times as possible? Then we recommend you the Schöngampbahn Cable Car. Insiders’ tip: Should it be to crowded, you can also use the Almbahn Cable Car!