Location: Fiss / Schönjochlift

Rider Level: easy

The Shred Park lies on the north side of Fiss, which can be reached from Fiss via the gondolas Schönjochbahn I and Schönjochbahn II. Leaving the top station, turn right to get access to the Shred Park. Who already masters freestyle basics can tune his skills on a higher level. Numerous boxes, tubes and rails in one line are ready to be tested!

The size of the Shred Park is impressive. It is located right at the Schönjochbahn Cable Car and its length is almost the same as the cable car itself. This area is not only characterized by its size but also by the number of runs! Who wants or needs more variety can ride to the Snowpark Fiss via a short ski run and increase the number of runs. If so, take the Schöngampbahn Cable Car to get to the next fun area! Great shred experience is guaranteed!