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6 fun areas, 2 airbags, more than 100 obstacles

Fun Areas

Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis with its 6 fun areas is the ideal playground for all freestyle fans. The fun areas are spread almost across the whole ski area and offer obstacles for all skill levels. The setups consist of numerous kickers, boxes, rails and tubes as well as two airbags. For those who want to take it easy, the Fun Slope is the ideal area to start. The airbags you can find in the Snowpark Fiss and in the Kinderschneealm in Serfaus.

You can find the live status of our fun areas here (the status is updated every 5 minutes).

Snowpark Serfaus

Location: Serfaus Planseggbahn, rider level: blue, red and black

This fun area is the ultimate playground for all jib riders. It stretches along the Zanbodenabfahrt which can be reached by taking the Planseggbahnbahn. The various boxes and rails area is suitable for all ability levels.  The Snowpark Serfaus provides a clear structure. Riders can tune their skills on three lines: Beginner Line, Advanced Line and Pro Line. The lines are parallel to each other. Sports enthusiasts can ride on them without having to stop. That means, that you can experience pure shred fun!

The Beginner Line consists of small kickers, which are especially designed to learn or improve freestyle basics! The advanced line offers a lot of boxes of various shapes and a small number of more easy rails – the place to be for any freestyler! The Pro Line comprises of very challenging rails. Sometimes even pros have a difficult time with some obstacles like s-rails, wall ride to down rail combo. What riders really appreciate at this fun area is, that they can switch between the lines. This allows them to choose their favorite obstacle or run.

Who thinks, that it cannot get any better should take a short breather and continue at the Fun Slope Serfaus to shred the snow like a pro.

Fun Slope Serfaus

Location: Serfaus Planseggbahn, rider level: blue, red and black

The Fun Slope Serfaus is the second fun area that can be skied after the Snowpark Serfaus. With various elements such as high-five figures, punching bags and mini boxes, the Fun Slope Serfaus offers a varied skiing experience for skiers of all levels. This slope is suitable not only for experienced skiers, but also for beginners who want to improve their skills in a fun way. For freestylers there are various kickers and also some rails, so the professionals and advanced riders are also catered for.

Snowpark Fiss

Location: Fiss Schöngampbahn, rider level: red

The Snowpark Fiss is located on the north side of Fiss and can be reached by taking the Schönjochbahn to the top station. The easiest way to come to the Snowpark Fiss is via the Plazörabfahrt.

In the Snowpark Fiss, all advanced snowboarders and freeskiers can tune their skills. They will definitely get their money’s worth!
At this area, the mix of boxes, tubes and rails will inspire all freestyle cracks. Moreover, the Snowpark Fiss offers kickers of different sizes and various jib obstacles such as scoop, tank or wallride. Try the big airbag to top your shred day and make your experience in our Snowpark Fiss unforgettable! Wanna chill? No problem. Grab a sun-lounger and listen to nice music at the comfortable chill area. A perfect surrounding for a ride and hike session! Moreover, one of our shaper is always around and ready to answer questions on your tricks.

Fun Slope Fiss

Location: Fiss Schöngampbahn, rider level: blue

The Fun Slope is located at the north side of Fiss, parallel to the Plazörabfahrt, and offers a great alternative to an ordinary downhill run. Small jumps, waves, boxes as well as a tunnel and a fun twister made out of snow are awaiting you here. At the special high five and low five obstacles, you can “shake” hands during your run. 
The Fun Slope leads to the Snowpark Fiss. Finish your run with a cool jump into the airbag. You can reach the Fun Slope by taking the Schönjochbahn to the top station. You want to run the Fun Slope as many times as possible? Then we recommend you to use the Schöngampbahn.

Videos Fun Slope

Shred Park

Location: Fiss Schönjöchllift, rider level: blue

The Shred Park lies on the north side of Fiss, can be reached from Fiss via Schönjochbahn. Leaving the top station, turn right to get access to the Shred Park. Who already masters freestyle basics can tune his skills on a higher level. Numerous boxes, tubes and rails in one line are ready to be tested!

The size of the Shred Park is impressive. It is located at the Schönjöchllift and its length is almost the same as the lift itself. This area is not only characterized by its size but also by the number of runs! Who wants or needs more variety can ride to the Snowpark Fiss via a short ski run and increase the number of runs. If so, take the Schöngampbahn to get back to the Shred Park! Great shred experience is guaranteed!

Sun Park

Location: Fiss between Möseralmabfahrt and Langwieseabfahrt, rider level: blue

The Sun Park is situated between the Möseralmabfahrt and the Langwieseabfahrt. This area is perfect for all who want to get their first practical freestyle experiences. You can find two lines in the Sun Park: a beginner jib line with numerous boxes and a line which is an extension of our Fisser Höhlenwelt trail with small kickers, banked turns and many more. As a finall, you can high five at the high five obstacle after having successfully performed your trick.

Airbag Fiss

Location: in the Snowpark Fiss

The airbag is the highlight of the Snowpark in Fiss. Gain the speed you need on the big kicker and then it’s time for take-off!  Now it's up to you. Refine what you've learned or try something new. Those who prefer to take in the action with both feet on the ground can relax and watch from the lounge chairs in the Snow Park.

Airbag Serfaus

Location: below the Komperdellbahn mid-station

The Airbag in Serfaus is located below the Komperdellbahn mid-station. Train and develop your jumping skills daily from 11:00am to 3:00pm. Use of the Airbag is completely free and a fun time is guaranteed.